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Quality policy

Ontex is a widely recognized company and a leading manufacturer of high quality personal hygiene products. We are a preferred business partner by consumers, retailers, lifestyle brands, and both corporate and private healthcare providers globally. We work and strive to make a positive impact on society and make people’s lives better.

We rely on innovation, smart intelligence and technology to deliver the best value products and never compromise on our services of high quality. Consumers of our care products for babies, adults and women know they can count on us to provide them a maximum level of safety, protection and comfort while retailers and other business partners appreciate our strong marketing and brand support efforts.

From concepts inspired by consumer insights, through research and technology to manufacturing and global logistics, we are well aware of what is important to our business partners and customers: top-notch services and high performance equivalent to value that makes it almost impossible to offer better.

Ontex values represent our core strengths and serve as a guiding compass for the realization of our strategy and vision: Passion – Reliability – Accuracy – Effort for Results – All of us

Our Board of Directors is committed to maintaining a quality culture supported by appropriate systems and processes to support quality, end-to-end focus and improve decision making by prioritizing product quality; patient, consumer, customer needs; and safety within the Ontex Group.

We are committed to introducing to the market hygienic solutions that are affordable and offer the same performance as global brands, and to doing so faster than anyone else.

Each Ontex employee is responsible for ensuring both product quality and patient, consumer and customer safety by maintaining continuous improvement throughout all processes and actively contributes to our efforts to achieve our common aims and goals.

Our shared commitment to quality:

1. A clear focus on consumers and customers:

Developing products that are relevant to consumers and customers and developing appropriate material specifications, processes and control plans.

2. Keeping our processes under end-to-end control:

  • Implementing, maintaining and continuously improving an effective Quality Management System that ensures that all our activities, products and services comply with all legal and regulatory requirements governing our organization as well as all internationally recognized standards;
  • Ensuring that all relevant processes are properly documented, controlled and systematically reviewed, presenting everything we do in a transparent manner and ensuring that our products meet the pre-specified consumer experiences;
  • Allocating resources with appropriate education, training and competency to ensure that all processes are carried out as expected from start to finish.

3. With an approach focused on continuous improvement:

  • Setting measurable aims and goals that guide an efficient and profitable business by continuously improving our products and processes;
  • Understanding and leveraging consumer and customer needs as well as business feedback by incorporating them into our product and service specifications from design to manufacturing and from delivery to continuous improvement.

All of our employees are aware of this policy and directly contribute to the successful implementation of this policy at every level of our organization.