The “Elderly and Alzheimer’s Patient Care and Companionship Course”, sponsored by Canped, has started.

In the “Elderly and Alzheimer’s Patient Care and Companion Course” sponsored by Canped, participants are given practical training in addition to theoretical knowledge in elderly and Alzheimer’s patient care.

The 5-week trainings are given by expert trainers in the Alzheimer’s Day Nursing Home Training Hall and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Istanbul Hospice Directorate.

On the daily care of the elderly and Alzheimer’s patients; training is given on body, hand, foot, mouth and teeth, skin and hair care. Trainees will be informed about the precautions to be taken to protect the elderly and Alzheimer’s patients from accidents and to prevent falls.

During the “Elderly and Alzheimer’s Patient Care and Accompanyment Course” sponsored by Canped, it is aimed to train the participants to be well-equipped and exemplary care personnel, especially in practice.

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