Urinary incontinence is a health problem that affects your quality of life as well as being a possible sign of disease:

It may prevent you from meeting with your friends out of home.

It can make it difficult for you to make plans out of home with your family.

It can restrict your plans, such as going for shopping.

It can cause you to experience depression together with a feeling of loneliness.

Needing to go to the toilet frequently, including at night, can cause you to be exposed to household accidents such as falling, fractures, etc.

Furthermore, urinary incontinence may lead you to experience feelings of anxiety, such as:

I do not want to go out because of the possibility of urinary urgency.

This makes me feel like an elderly person or like a child.

I wonder if I smell, do I?

I need to change my underwear frequently and that bothers me.

I am ashamed to visit or receive guests, I’m worried whether they will notice.

The first step to take about the problem of urinary incontinence is to consult a doctor. By contacting a gynecologist or urologist, you can have your condition diagnosed and learn about the appropriate treatment methods. In addition, you can use hygiene support products such as specially designed bladder pads, adult diapers, adult pants and bed protections covers to help you in this process and help limit the impact of urinary incontinence on your daily life.

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