In Turkey, one out of every four women aged 40 years and over faces urinary incontinence, accounting for 2.7 million women. An awareness project, which is a first in this field in Turkey, has been developed in order to inform women and raise awareness of this subject matter.

The Turkish Continence Society with their important research findings on female urology and functional urology came together with the representatives of the trademark Canped and the actress Nergis Kumbasar at a meeting for the project titled “Do not miss a thing in life, there is always a way as long as you wish”.


Prof. Dr. Oktay Demirkesen, Urology Specialist and Chairperson of the Turkish Continence Society, says that urinary incontinence is not destiny and adds:

“Urinary incontinence is a more common problem in women than men. A study conducted in Türkiye reveals that urinary incontinence is four times more common in women compared to men. The incidence of urinary incontinence is steadily increasing in Türkiye paralleling the increase over the world. According to the International Continence Society, 400 million people globally and 50 million people in Europe suffer from urinary incontinence. This issue appears to be a growing problem in Türkiye as well.”



Prof. Dr. Oktay Demirkesen states that 8 percent of the global population suffers from urinary incontinence, and adds: “Urinary incontinence is a condition that can significantly affect the individual’s quality of life. Women with urinary incontinence further face other problems such as depression and withdrawal from social life. The interesting point here is that a lower number of women than expected seek solutions to their urinary incontinence condition. Considering this lower-than-expected rate, one may suggest that the severity and frequency of urinary incontinence are the determinative factors. Other factors may include the embarrassment of urinary incontinence, considering the condition normal in women of a certain age, and misinformation that the treatment results are inadequate”, says Prof. Demirkesen.


Nergis Kumbasar, the representative of this awareness project, states that she, as a woman and an actress, finds it very important and meaningful to support women with this condition.

Kumbasar adds: “With this project, we aim to transform this condition from an embarrassing quality to ordinariness, meaning that anyone can face it as a problem. We aim to make it clear that there are solutions to this condition. That is why this beautiful project ‘Do not miss a thing in life, there is always a way as long as you wish’ has really got me excited after a long time.”

Source: NTV

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