Ultra Bladder pad

Canped Ultra Bladder Pad, with a 30% thinner structure, provides a feeling of secure protection for women with urinary incontinence.

‘With a unique design, this thinner, more absorbent ultra bladder pad for women with urinary incontinence offers the following;

  • A 30% thinner structure that is as absorbent as normal incontinence pads.
  • A super flexible structure, providing freedom of movement.
  • Longer adhesive strips that keep the pad securely in place.
  • A different product thanks to its discreet, soft, feminine design that does not make any sound with movement.
  • A design with the “Everfresh” odor control technology that can prevent undesirable odors for up to 10 hours.
  • The ultra incontinence pad is for “you, the women” who have an active life and suffer from urinary incontinence.


Superior absorbency
Balanced fluid distribution
Breathable textile surface
Confines odor and fluid

How to use.

Peel off the silicone paper from the adhesive part at the back of the bladder pad.

Place the pad with the adhesive part facing the inside of the underwear.


Ultra Bladder Pad

The wide adhesive strips hold the underwear securely and prevent slipping.

Ultra Bladder Pad

The elastic edge structure gives an anatomical shape and protects against leaks.

Ultra Bladder Pad

Thanks to the superior absorbent cellulose layer and the absorbent particles inside, the pad absorbs urine and turns it into a gel, thereby giving a feeling of dryness.

Ultra Bladder Pad

Latex free

Ultra Bladder Pad

Perfect fit to the body

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