Adult Diaper

Canped Adult Diaper with Polyethylene Surface and Waistbands makes patients with urinary incontinence feel safe with the high absorbency feature.

  • The side surface of the product is breathable and made of soft textile.
  • Owing to the special texture, it does not make any sound with movement.
  • Designed with a strong absorbent layer with increased density.
  • Provides a feeling of dryness and safety thanks to its special absorbent layer, which traps both wetness and odor.
  • Offers secure protection with anti-leakage barriers.
  • Offers convenience to users with side strips that function properly with repeated use.
  • Has a wetness indicator that shows when to change the diaper.
  • Dermatologically tested.


Superior absorbency
Balanced fluid distribution
Breathable textile surface
Confines odor and fluid

How to use.

Spread the product as seen in the figure. (Front and back)

Pass the diaper through the legs, placing the side with the adhesive strips facing the back of the body.

(While handling the adhesive tapes, make sure that your hands are clean and free of powder.)

If you need to check inside the diaper, simply pull the white strip. If you decide to keep the diaper in place, stick the white strip over the blue strip.

(With this method, you undo and continue using the white strip several times.)


Adult Diaper

Absorbent layer that traps wetness and odor

Adult Diaper

Balanced fluid distribution

Adult Diaper

Absorbent layer with increased density

Adult Diaper

Anti-leakage barrier

Adult Diaper

Side strips that function properly with repeated use

Adult Diaper

Wetness indicator for diaper change time

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